Day 1 – 3 of Home Renovations

It’s day 1 of renovations. After signing all of the paperwork, we finally closed on our house and we can’t wait to get started renovating. Since our current living situation is 140 miles away from our new house, we will try to drive up and work on it as many weekends as possible.

We actually had a while to plan out our projects and decide our priorities, so we knew what we would start with. The first task was removing cover plates, light switches, and outlets in the walls we would take down. These plates and switches are all the old, cream colored plastic you find in any old house and will be replaced with modern, white ones.

Next, we decided to take the fireplace mantle and surrounding tile off since we weren’t going to be keeping it. Plus, Brian was dying to get his hands dirty and smash something. One sledgehammer, a pry bar, and 10 minutes later: satisfaction.

We didn’t stop there, the walls didn’t stand a chance that day, there was too much excitement happening. Slowly, the open floor plan started to reveal itself and it was better than we imagined.

The only surprise so far was all of the electrical running through the “half” walls. This would all have to be moved before the studs could come down. But, look! There is the kitchen. The space already feels so much bigger. Lastly, we took out all the old flooring and called it a day.

Day 2 of renovations brought us quite the surprise. In the sun room, we found a small area beneath a window that looked like mold, so naturally Brian tore into the drywall to check out the situation. We found the remains of an ant colony and it was pretty amazing what damage they did. Luckily, it was no longer in use and no ants were to be seen.

We removed all of the previously infested insulation, which was contained to just below the back wall windows, and spray foamed to seal out any future ant raids.

We removed all of the kitchen cabinet doors and hardware, but not before making up a numbering system so the cabinet doors could easily be re-hung in the correct place. Next, all the wood was cleaned because we were going to be painting it. It took a long time to wipe down all cabinetry, some of the doors had a build up of grime from years of use, especially the doors above the stove. We used a mix of 50/50 vinegar and water.

On day 3, we had a little time to clean up before hitting the road. It was a good couple of days, but we already felt exhausted, so we were glad to have a put-together apartment to go back to. No worries, we will be back next weekend.