Day 4 of Home Renovations

Welcome to day 4 of renovations. It’s the next weekend, and we are back at our new house. This time, we were only there for one full day, so let’s see what got accomplished.

After a long sorting out, the electrical finally was removed from the “half” walls and the studs came down. You can now see the entire kitchen from the top of the stairs and it’s wonderful. We purchased a few builder’s grade cabinets for our new, larger island and roughly placed them with a makeshift counter top to visualize what the final layout will be.

The lack of walls made the space so much brighter, and we love all of the natural light.  It’s really awesome to see such a dramatic change already.

The space feels so much bigger.

Here is the future library wall. On the left are the 2 cabinets that will go on either side of the window. Underneath the window will be a built in desk. Above the cabinets and window will be bookshelves to the ceiling.

After a lot of research, we decided on using Zinsser Primer: Coverstain.  This is an oil based primer that is supposed to stick to all surfaces without sanding, plus it dries in about an hour.

Here is the first coat on some of the kitchen cabinet drawers and doors. We learned that you have to mix up this primer really well before each use. It covers pretty well and seems to stick to the surfaces. It will probably need 2 coats to be solid white, though.

So, from the first day to now, here are a couple before and during photos.

Since we weren’t going to be back for a week, we brought most of the kitchen cabinet doors (left the drawers and large doors) back to our apartment to finish priming and try out the finishing paint. We purchased Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Enamel in Extra White, so we will see how that goes.

We are happy will the progress so far. I hope you are enjoying our journey of renovations. See you next week.