Day 5 – 8 of Home Renovations

Welcome back to our home renovations! It’s day 5 and we are jumping right back in to work.

Since we are raising up the sunken living room floor to be level with the rest of the room, the fireplace needs to be raised first. Before, it was sitting directly on the floor, but we are raising it up so that it will have a hearth to sit on. So far, an opening has been cut out for the new location. Next, a platform will be built for the fireplace to sit on.

The kitchen cabinet boxes are starting to be primed. Visually, this is a huge difference from the wood color they were before. They will need 2 coats of primer to be solid white.

On day 6 of renovations, we primed the large cabinet drawers and doors that we left here. All of the other doors were brought back during the week to our apartment to finish.

After 2 coats of primer, this is what the cabinet boxes looked like. The wood grain still shows, but our goal wasn’t to get rid of it. I’m happy with how solid the color is. We decided to leave the inside laminate alone for now.

Day 7 of renovations brought us more dramatic results. The fireplace platform was built and the fireplace is now in it’s final location. How awesome is that!?

All of the kitchen cabinets got coated with enamel. We went with Sherwin Williams Pro Classic in Extra White.

The old kitchen island was used a lot during this process for a painting table. I’ve decided we will reuse it for craft room storage underneath my sewing table, so I went ahead and primed it, too.

On day 8 of renovations, the cabinet boxes and outsides of all the cabinets got a second and final coat of enamel, just to be sure the coverage was even and excellent.

Everyday of work is bringing us that much closer to our final vision and goal. It feels great to get projects checked off of our list.

Next weekend will most likely be my last up at our new house before baby comes. I plan on not traveling at all during the final month because you never know. We plan on next weekend being a super long weekend of work. My parents and brother will be joining us at our house, so hopefully a lot of projects get checked off our list with the extra help. See you in a week!