Changing Table and Dresser Makeover for Our Gender Neutral Nursery

Welcome back to our home renovation story. One of the projects we have been working on is updating a changing table and dresser set for the nursery, and both are now complete! I can’t wait to show you how they turned out.

Here is what the changing table originally looked like. The top folded forward on hinges to make it more like a table top, but it blocked the drawers and would need to be folded up after every use. I figured instead of having to fold the top down and up every time baby needs changing, we should just remove the top but save it for later, just in case.

The dresser had the same hardware as the changing table, but one of the knobs was missing.

Supplies We Used:

  1. Screwdriver – remove hardware
  2. Wood filler and putty knife – change the hardware location/size/type
  3. Sandpaper/sanding block – if you use wood filler
  4. Drill – to make new holes if you use wood filler
  5. Plastic gloves
  6. Primer – we used Zinsser Cover Stain Oil Based Primer
  7. Finishing paint – we used Sherwin Williams ProClassic
  8. Paint tray
  9. Painter’s tape – if needed
  10. Press’n Seal for easy paint tray cleanup
  11. Small paint brush
  12. Small roller
  13. New hardware – optional


Start by removing drawers and existing hardware. Then make sure you wipe clean all surfaces that will be painted. This set was just dusty, so a wet rag did the job. I went the extra mile for the changing table and taped off a section of the front that sticks out, but it wasn’t really necessary since you’ll never see if the line is clean or not unless you remove the drawer. You could also tape off the backs of each drawer if you’d like a super clean line, but again, not necessary.

Next, prime everything. We did 2 coats to make the pieces solid white so the final color will be even. We used a small brush for all the corners and places a roller wouldn’t reach, then rolled the rest. The great thing about Zinsser Cover Stain Oil Based Primer is that no sanding is needed, you can re-coat in just an hour, and when it dries, the finish is matte and ready to accept any kind of finishing paint.

We decided on replacing the drawer pulls with knobs, so for the drawers that had pulls, wood filler was used to cover the existing holes.

Make sure the wood filler is paintable, and follow the directions on it for time needed to wait before you can paint it. You could use wood filler before priming, but using it after primer worked fine. Once it’s dry, sand it to blend it into the surrounding surface.

Since we are waiting to find out if we are having a boy or girl, we are designing the nursery with a neutral color scheme. We picked Sherwin Williams HGTV Geyser Steam in Pro Classic, which is a light, dusty-sage colored enamel.

Just like the primer, start with a small brush on any areas a roller won’t reach.

Then finish it off with a roller.

Here is the dresser after the first coat of enamel. We ended up doing 2 coats because the first coat wasn’t perfect.

The top drawer was the most difficult to paint. Most of it needed a brush, but we rolled all the flat surfaces to eliminate brush strokes. The other drawers just needed the roller.

Here is the second coat going on. Generally, paint dries slightly darker, so when you paint the second coat, you can easily see where you still need to paint.

After the finishing paint dried, we added new hardware, which ended up being all knobs. Since we filled most of the old holes with wood filler, we needed new holes, so we drilled a hole right in the middle of where each drawer pull use to be.

Are you ready for the final reveal???

I’m really happy with how these pieces turned out. They look like brand new furniture and the finish is smooth with minimal wood grain showing. I can’t wait to put them in the nursery and fill them with baby things! What do you think of the transformation?