Day 14 – 19 of Home Renovations

Welcome back to our home renovation story. If you’ve been following along, you may have thought it would be a while until I posted more about our progress, but surprise! These next few days of work at our house were unplanned and came about because Brian was out of town for work. He was able to travel to the cities for meetings, and because I was still about a month away from my due date I decided to meet up with him and get more done on our house.

The first night we arrived, on day 14 of renovations, we were pleasantly surprised by all of our perennial landscaping filling in. Look at all of the flowers and colors! When we purchased this house, none of this was visible, so it was a nice surprise and smelled wonderful.

Also, in the time we had been away, we hired a dry-waller and had all of the walls that we previously tore apart filled in. It was nice to come back to progress.

That night, the kitchen island got all of its handles, which we matched with the handles in the rest of the kitchen.

I really wanted to get one room completely done (painted) this time, and since the nursery window needed replacing, the master bedroom was where we were sleeping, and the bathrooms and entire downstairs wasn’t even in the running, the upstairs craft room seemed like a good place to start.

So, the next morning, the craft room got prepped for painting. The closet was the worst in terms of imperfections in the wall, like big dents and scratches. It also looked like some kind of shelving was removed at some point, but big holes were left, so they were filled and sanded.

If you are still counting, this is day 15 of renovations. The trim in the craft room was primed, and the changing table got a makeover, which I tell you all about in a separate post. Also, the last kitchen cabinet door was finished – we had forgotten about it in our garage this whole time. Before we figured out we could use Zinsser primer over finished wood, we tried to strip the finish off of this single door, and left it in the garage because the stripping agent smelled very chemically, oops!

On day 16, the final kitchen cabinet door was FINALLY installed.

FINALLY we can check this project off our list – kitchen cabinets are complete!

Here is how they looked before with their big, chunky hardware. Now the room is so much brighter and modern. We ended up using 2 coats of Zinsser cover stain oil based primer and 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Enamel in Extra White. I love the results!

Here is the kitchen from the sun room. All of the cabinets to the left of the fridge will be our pantry, I can’t wait to have so much space!

Day 17 brought even more changes. The island got a thick plywood top so the final island counter would match the height of the existing counter tops.

The island counter was going to be installed soon, so we wanted it to be all ready to go.

The craft room trim got a fresh coat of enamel, finishing off the trim completely.

We didn’t bother to tape off the walls from the trim, because they would be painted anyway after the trim was done.

On day 18, the main floor windows got taped off and primed. This took basically all day. Windows have so many faucets to them, it’s hard to paint fast when you can only use a brush. The baseboards for this floor, which we removed long ago and already primed, also got their final coat of enamel.

On day 19, once the enamel was dry in the craft room, the tape was removed from the glass and here are the results. I’m happy with how bright and new the window now looks.

We also put the door back on the closet. This was the door we “updated” with trim pieces and painted to look like a more expensive door, rather than the flat, cheap core door it was. I think it turned out well.

I missed taking photos of the walls being painted, but they were done this day. After they were dry, the closet shelves were reinstalled.

These shelves also got a light sanding and coat of enamel because you could see the wood through the thin layer of paint that was previously on them. They were already here when we bought the house, they just needed a little love.

This room is now completely painted! Here is a before and after, what a difference.

We used Sherwin Williams Extra White for the trim, and Agreeable Grey for the walls. The grey is a light, warm grey that looks modern with the white trim.

Remember the old kitchen island? It got a makeover as well, and now will be used as storage in the craft room. Once we move here, the sewing table I have now, which is basically butcher block on top of spindle legs, will be refashioned on top of this base cabinet.

The most exciting part of this day, however, had to be the brand new island counted getting installed.

We went with a quartz counter from Cambria in a design called “Britannica”. Quartz never needs sealing or polishing, and this design added interest and elegance to our kitchen. It ties in perfectly with the white cabinets and the (eventually) painted grey walls.

I love the flowing veins of warm and dark grey and the movement they create.

Here is our kitchen before and after.

The last project we finished was the interior doors on the main level. They were an off-white with yellow undertones and looked a bit off with newly painted pure white trim, so they got a coat of fresh white enamel as well.

This included the back door as well as the garage door.

Here is the garage door before and after with fresh paint. It’s a subtle difference, but I think it was worth it. Little details add up in the big picture.

All in all, it was a good run of a few more days of work. Now, I will not be traveling until after baby arrives, so it may be awhile before I post more updates on our house, but Brian might plan a few weekends in between now and then to squeeze some more projects in.

Some final notes:

-We decided to leave the stair banister for now instead of priming and painting it. Eventually we’d like to replace it with a more modern metal and wire rail, and painting it, with all it’s spindles, will take a lot of time that we don’t have right now.

-The crib got completely painted at some point this weekend, but some crucial hardware was missing, so it isn’t assembled yet. I will have a post on the crib later when it is finished.

-For upstairs, we are going to go with curtains to replace the dated and chunky window fixtures. We’d like to go with custom blinds that you can move up and down without cords, but we can’t afford those right now. Since our windows are pretty standard size, pre-made curtains will work fine.

-We have been seeing some ants inside and have placed ant bait around so hopefully that solves the problem. Hopefully these ants are getting in just from having the windows open with no screens.

Thank you for following along! Until next time…