Day 20 – 29 of Home Renovations

Welcome back to our home reno story! I’m a little behind on the updates because of our latest addition to the family, our brand new baby girl! Louisa Rae was born 6 days early on June 27th.

The whole month of June was spent with me in our apartment in Marshall, waiting patiently for baby to arrive, while Brian took a couple trips to our new house. The goal was to get as much done as possible before baby and before we finally move in August.

Here is what got worked on in the span of about 9 days over the month of June:

The walls in the main room began to get painted! For our tall walls, scaffolding came in handy.

The majority of the walls on this main floor will be Light French Grey by Sherwin Williams. The only other wall color will be a dark blue color behind the built in library shelves.

Our new hardwood floor was started. It is hand-scraped hickory in a nice medium tone.

The previous homeowners purchased two new windows to replace on the north side of the house, but never actually replaced them, so those are now installed and look awesome.

The accent wall behind where the library shelves will eventually be got a coat of paint. The color is Denim by Sherwin Williams. The shelves will be painted white, so this will be a nice contrast when it’s complete.

More flooring was installed during a few different visits to the house.

Our fireplace was prepared for stone and the hearth was built up.

Now we just have to pick out which stone we like. We are both thinking #2 with neutral grey tones.

And my favorite part, the before and after photos! First is the fireplace: how it looked on the day we purchased the house, and what it looks like now. Second is the sun room, which now just needs a final coat of enamel on the window trim and it’s ALL DONE, well I guess it needs the baseboards back on and new vent covers, but still, so close!

Final Notes/Updates:

  • A few ants have been seen inside. We may need to call in an exterminator.
  • Our raspberry and blueberry bushes are now producing fruit! Next year, we will hopefully have time to weed the garden and plant some veggies, too.
  • Just a tiny section of flooring is left to do in front of the stairs.
  • Lots of painting still needs to be done.
  • One of the next things that we should think about is window coverings. The old coverings had a ton of cords and were a yellow-white, so putting them back up isn’t the best option. Sheer curtains may be the solution for now.
  • The next time we go back to our new house, it will be baby’s first time at the house she will grow up in!

Until next time…