Day 32 + of Home Renovations: Making the Big Move

Welcome back, and thank you for following along patiently. I will now bring you up to speed on our home’s progress.

Two weeks before our final move into our new house, we arrived back at our house just for a short visit. We were surprised by a beautiful display of wildflowers in our yard.

Aren’t they pretty!?

We spent the day furniture shopping for a couch and some chairs for our formal living room, as well as a headboard/bed frame for our master bedroom. Here is what we picked out:

We loved the style of this couch – the simple lines and general shape of it – and were able to pick from different fabrics, so we chose it in a dark, rich blue.

For our accent chairs, we came across this beauty and so we ordered two exactly as pictured.

The couch came with two accent pillows, so after a long time picking and choosing through a bunch of options we landed on these:

On the left is the blue of the couch, the middle is the accent chairs, and the right is the throw pillows.

We also picked out a headboard/bed frame for our king bed. We went with a simple, wood design with clean lines that would match our existing bedroom furniture.

After that, we stopped to pick up lumbar and supplies to finish the library shelves, as well as a few other things. Here is what a typical trip to the store looks like for us!

We picked up a curtain rod so we could hang up curtains on our front door windows.

We also got new vent covers to replace the old, dingy ones that no longer went with our style or color scheme.

Brian worked on the library shelves a little more before heading back to our apartment for the week.

The next weekend, the weekend before our final move, we were back again and ready to accomplish as much as possible. My mom was along to watch baby, so I was planning on painting the whole weekend.

Brian wanted to finish the library, so he picked up right where he left off. I snapped a photo every now and then so we could see the progress. Here are the rest of the photos of the library up until it was completed and decorated. (We finished it about a week after moving in.)

Originally, the plan was to paint the shelves white with a contrasting blue background. I kept thinking about this and seeing the shelves built now next to the white kitchen, I thought the white might be overpowering. I suggested we paint the entire library the blue we already had painted on the wall behind it. This way, it would recede and wouldn’t overpower the viewer, especially next to the kitchen. We used Sherwin Williams Denim wall paint and clear coated it with polycrylic.

It’s hard to see the shelves with the bright window, so I edited a photo of it so you can view it better. I couldn’t wait until it was completely done to fill it!

Brian finished the top with crown molding painted blue, as well as trim pieces for the sides and white baseboards on bottom.

The weekend before, I also painted the nursery complete with a mural wall, but I’d like to save that as a surprise for once the nursery is totally finished. We still need to figure out how to put the crib together without it’s original hardware, hang a closet rod up, and decorate it.

Now it’s finally moving weekend! It went pretty smoothly, except that we unexpectedly had to drive to a town 45 minutes away to pick up our U-haul the night before. Brian’s family helped us load up, drive to our new house, and unpack. Over the next week, I strapped baby into the front pack and unpacked the majority of the boxes, organized, and cleaned.

It’s already September now, and the first weekend we decided to stick around our house and work on more projects. While furniture shopping earlier, we browsed dining tables but we couldn’t find any that fit the long, narrow sun room turned dining room. So, of course, I found one on Pinterest that I loved and asked Brian if he could make one like it. We decided on making an 8 ft table, since the room it was going in had plenty of space.

We picked a mid-tone stain for the top, and a black stain for the base. I’m happy we did, because it really brought out all the beautiful grain lines.

That weekend, we also went light fixture browsing for future options since eventually we would be replacing all the dated fixtures we had.

We found an awesome fan, too, for the main floor. Right now there isn’t a fan on the high ceiling, but there is a perfect place for it.

We looked at interesting options for the library. We both liked this one.

Since then, we’ve worked on small, tedious projects like changing out all the old, off-yellow electrical plates with new, white ones, cleaning up, touch up paint, organizing, etc.

So now here is what our main floor looks like:

We have also taken time to explore nearby parks and have found some nice hiking and walking spots.

We still have a lot of projects planned, and items on our “to buy in the future” list, like dining chairs, end tables, lamps, the list goes on, so stay tuned for more updates soon. As soon as we finished the nursery, I will post photos and write all about it, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Until next time…

Day 30 – 31 of Home Renovations

Welcome back to our home renovation story. I’m still getting caught up on posts, and hopefully will be up to date soon! We traveled back to our house with Louisa for the first time (she was only 18 days old!) and worked a bit more on renovations. This was the first time I’d seen last month’s work in person, so it was pretty neat to see it coming together. Here is what got worked on this time:

We arrived in the evening and spent it cleaning – it really needed it!

It looked so much better now!

The next day, Brian and his friend worked on the library shelves. Here is some of the progression:

I spent most of the time tending to baby, so all I did this time was vacuum the floors very thoroughly, but look how good they look now! Also, I got one more window in the sun room painted completely, yay!

We still had about a month before we moved permanently, and were planning at least one more weekend of work here before that. More to come soon!