Day 30 – 31 of Home Renovations

Welcome back to our home renovation story. I’m still getting caught up on posts, and hopefully will be up to date soon! We traveled back to our house with Louisa for the first time (she was only 18 days old!) and worked a bit more on renovations. This was the first time I’d seen last month’s work in person, so it was pretty neat to see it coming together. Here is what got worked on this time:

We arrived in the evening and spent it cleaning – it really needed it!

It looked so much better now!

The next day, Brian and his friend worked on the library shelves. Here is some of the progression:

I spent most of the time tending to baby, so all I did this time was vacuum the floors very thoroughly, but look how good they look now! Also, I got one more window in the sun room painted completely, yay!

We still had about a month before we moved permanently, and were planning at least one more weekend of work here before that. More to come soon!