Louisa at 5 Months Old

I can’t believe it’s already December! We have been busy with a rolly-polly 5 month old – she can now roll BOTH ways. When she is on her belly she can push WAY up into a nice upward dog yoga pose and then she will bring her face into the ground and put her butt way up in the air and be on her tippy toes. She is very close to crawling and wants to constantly be moving and grabbing anything she can get her little hands on.

I have great news: Louisa spent her first night alone in her crib (she has been co-sleeping this whole time) and only woke up once to eat at 4:00 am. I am impressed. All day yesterday I was very consistent on her naps. I now have a routine before each nap to let her know it’s time to sleep. It starts about 2 hours after she last woke up when you can tell she’s getting tired again. I make sure she has a clean diaper and then put her into a wearable sleep blanket. Then I read her a short book and give her a lovey to hold on to. Then I close the curtains and make the room dark and turn on a noise machine. She needs to be rocked just a little until she is very relaxed. Then the hardest part is transferring her into her crib while keeping her relaxed. It seems like the slightest motion gets her all worked up and she will go from relaxed to wide awake. Once she is in her crib, I try to make her hold onto her lovey instead of my hand. She likes to bury her face into it and hold on tight. After a bit, she finally falls asleep. I hope this routine will help her sleep completely on her own and for longer amounts of time in the future. Right now her naps last 25 – 50 minutes if I’m lucky. For now, it’s a small victory to have a short amount of free time each day.

I’m hoping these naps become consistent so I can write weekly blog posts. I’m in the process of putting together our latest up-to-date home renovation post, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for following along. I hope you are having a happy holiday season!