The Final Nursery Reveal: A Gender Neutral Woodland Nursery That Brings The Minnesota Great Outdoors Inside

Hello and welcome back. It’s been a busy month with never ending projects, plenty of guests and plans, and a baby in need of constant attention. It’s hard to keep up with a schedule I’m use to; everything takes a lot longer to do now that I have a tiny human to take care of. But, FINALLY, I can reveal Louisa’s nursery that we have been working on for so long.

This room started out as your basic bedroom. We began by removing the accordion closet doors and the wire closet system, removed the baseboards (to be painted) and patched holes in the walls. Then we painted the trim white.

The biggest change in this room was the mural wall. We painted the surrounding walls Light French Grey by Sherwin Williams. The mural wall was left with it’s yellow-white paint, which would be the perfect color to start the mural with. Here is the big, blank wall before.

For the mural, I used an inexpensive wall paint from Lowes. I used white, dark sage green, and a dark teal-blue and mixed them accordingly.

Other tools I used:

  • Spindle painting brush – for the trunks of the trees
  • Large flat brush – for big limbs
  • Small angled brush – for smaller limbs
  • Container with lid – for mixing paint – I used the same one for all colors.

I started by mixing a tiny bit of the green with a lot of white to make a very washed out green. This layer would be mostly covered in the end, but the lightness would make trees look like they were in the distance with mist. I began with basic tree shapes, starting with the trunks and then building out with limbs. I also built up the first layer of shrubs and bushes on the bottom.

Once that was dry, I mixed up a darker green by adding more green to my light green. I repeated tree shapes and bushes on top of the first layer. See how it pushes back the first light trees and makes them almost disappear into the mist?

For the third layer, I mixed in dark blue to my green mix to get a dark, but not black, color. I repeated similar shapes on top of the previous layers, these trees were the closest, so they had bigger trunks and more defined brush.

After 3 layers, I was happy with the results.

Then, we added the furniture. The crib was Brian’s when he was a baby. It is wooden – painted out white. Here it was before:

I used the same technique as I did with the trim – 2 coats of Zinsser oil based primer (no sanding) and 1 coat of Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Enamel. I used a tiny brush around hardware instead of removing it.

Then I rolled out the rest.

The dresser and changing table were also Brian’s. There is a previous post on how I refinished them.

I painted an old paddle to match the room’s color scheme.

The paddle banner can be found in my Etsy shop:

I designed the changing pad fabric (and the pillow fabric), which can be found in my Spoonflower shop:

My dad and husband installed a new closet system. Eventually, there will be baskets for the shelf.

The bookcase was a project Brian and I worked on a few years back for our apartment.

So, there it is! It was a lot of work, but it finally came together in the end. What do you think?